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A‑dec simulator

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A-dec Simulator. Accelerate Preclinical Learning.

A‑dec simulator

Challenge: A productive learning environment requires equipment that accelerates the transition from simulation lab to clinic. But it also demands dental equipment that's durable enough to withstand a learning-lab setting.

Solution: A-dec simulator.

The A-dec simulator accelerates learning, elevates clinical competency, and promotes a healthy posture. But with the A‑dec simulator you get even more. You get dental equipment you know is built to last.

A‑dec simulator

Accelerated training: Designed to replicate the spatial dynamics of a clinical setting, the A-dec simulator reinforces correct operator positioning and posture so students learn the ergonomic skills they need in the preclinical lab before transitioning to the clinic and live patients.

Robust construction: Multiple operators. Continual use. Constant cleaning. Every detail of the A-dec simulator is built to withstand the unique demands of the lab environment. That's one of the reasons why A-dec is a top choice of dental schools around the world.

Expert project management: You can depend on A-dec and our dealer partners to help you realize your vision and meet your preclinical goals. From concept to installation, your team of A-dec experts will work with you to ensure the best preclinical solution for your unique requirements.

A‑dec simulator
  • Innovative control block design. Results in the industry's most reliable air-driven component with fewer parts, stronger corrosion-resistant materials, and a unique water flow system.  
  • Standard 3-position or optional 4-position doctor's holders. Integrates ancillaries including electric motors, ultrasonic instrument, and intraoral camera.  
  • 3-position assistant's holder. Includes HVE (high volume evacuator) and QD syringe.
  • Versatile design. Allows for customization including manikin preference.
  • Left/right compatible. Accommodates both left- and right-handed operators.
  • Top-side access. Ensures easy maintenance and service.
A‑dec simulator
Simulator options

  •  Stationary unit or stow-away mobile unit
  •  4th position control block and holder (allows 4 handpiece positions)
  •  Quadvolt intraoral light source
  •  Saliva ejector
  •  Ancillary touchpad
  •  Dental light
  •  Monitor mount (stationary unit only)
  •  Writing surface (stationary unit only)
  •  Tray holder
  •  AVS (air vacuum system)
  •  25- or 300-watt power supply
  •  Duplex/network kit (stationary unit only)
  •  Third hand

  • Frasaco
  • Columbia
  • Nissin


  • Wilsonart Gibraltar
  • Wilsonart Earthstone

Integrated options
Electric Motors
Intraoral Cameras
Curing Lights
Ultrasonic Instruments