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Satelec curing lights

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Acteon Satelec Mini LED Curing Lights

Satelec curing lights

Challenge: Because photo-polymerization process is used in virtually every treatment discipline, you want a curing solution that is versatile and dependably consistent across all types of composite resins and bonded ceramics.

Solution: Satelec Mini LED curing lights.

The Satelec Mini LED curing light collection from Acteon gives you handheld simplicity that’s versatile, powerful, and quick. Satelec’s approach to emitting a wide spectrum of light means outstanding compatibility for working with all composites, adhesives and polymerization.

Satelec curing light options can be factory-installed or integrated after delivery. 

Satelec curing lights

Dentistry’s premium curing light solution. The two Satelec Mini LED curing light options are engineered to deliver efficiency with outstanding power.

For photosensitive materials, Satelec’s emitted light spectrum coincides with the absorption spectrum of the photo initiator inside the material. It’s not only a versatile option, it’s also superior to halogen lamps. Unlike ultraviolet or infrared rays, the Satelec Mini LED does not affect the pulp temperature of the tooth.

Satelec curing lights

Mini LED ScanWave curing light: ScanWave activates all accepted photosensitive materials—2,200 watts of power at 5.5 mm, with a light spectrum of 390 to 510 nanometers.

ScanWave eliminates the guesswork by curing around restorative materials, bonding adhesives and cements, glass ionomer, or light-cured resin dams.

To efficiently cure a photosensitive material, the frequency range of the curing light needs to coincide with the absorption spectrum of the photoinitiators in the material. ScanWave uses 4 LED lights each emitting a different spectrum of light, making it able to accommodate camphoroquinone (CQ), phenylpropanedione (PPD), and lucirin (TPO).

Curing times only take a few seconds. Select from modes Fast, Pulse, Step, and Scan. Apply curing without any calculations. ScanWave automatically adjusts to a depth of more than 2mm without increasing the tooth’s pulp temperature.

Satelec Mini LED curing light: The stylish Satelec Mini LED from Acteon is one of the finest curing lights available. It's also one of the most powerful (1250 mW/cm²), using a single LED (Light Emitting Diode) to generate a very wide light spectrum.

The Mini LED also provides three modes of curing: fast, pulsed and ramped for whatever the clinical situation calls for. The result: compatibility with most composites and complete polymerization, without the disadvantages often associated with ultraviolet or infrared rays such as heating of the tooth pulp.

Satelec curing light options can be factory-installed or integrated after delivery. Either way, you're assured precision technology that's clutter-free and always within reach, right when you need it.

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